Thursday, October 11, 2012

Canning adventures. . .

I just finished my first foray into solo canning.

I had watched my mom can when I was younger. My mother-in-law and I made a ridiculous amount of pickles one summer about 8 years ago, but this was my first attempt as a big girl to do it all by myself!

I wasn't planning on trying to can anything during our first year on the farm, but when I went to pull up my tomato plants from my VERY late garden (I didn't get my plants in the ground until late June. In these here parts people usually start their outdoor plants around May 15) I had way too many green tomatoes to not do something with them. I also had about 30 jalapeno peppers that needed a home.

So, with my fall bounty, I hit the internet to find some tasty recipes.

(Let me take a moment to say that I will be making fried green tomatoes for supper. . . don't you worry your pretty little head!)

First up is a recipe for Green Tomato Relish, or as it is known in the South, Chow-chow.

Here is the recipe that I used from Mommy's Kitchen.

Next, I made Green Tomato Jam.

 I was a little nervous about this one, 'cause it sounded kinda weird and it took three days to make. I am sooo glad I did! I was scrapping the pan to get every little bit onto a piece of toast this morning after I put the jars in the canner. Yumm!

Here is the recipe that I used from Lori's Lip Smacking Goodness.

Finally, I made Candied Jalapenos.

Several months ago I had come across the recipe on Tasty Kitchen and just knew that I had to try them! Sweet and spicy. . . who can resist that combo?!?!? Certainly not me!

Here is the recipe from the original site, Foodie With Family.

I must say, I really did enjoy this whole adventure learning a new skill.
 I will definitely plan on doing more next year!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cup Cake Card. . .

Here is a card I made for my nephew, Mikah.

He is the last of the 4 year old birthdays this year.

Happy Birthday !!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Things You Can't Get From The Grocery Store. . .

There are certain things about farm life that give you little surprises.

The top egg is a little tiny egg.

The bottom egg. . .let's just sum that one up in one word. . .


It is even a little lumpy. Like maybe the poor little hen had to pause for a minute to decide if she had the womanly ability to get this monster out! I wonder if she was crying for a C-section at this point?

(Sorry for the labor humor. . .I am a nurse on the maternity floor!)

Here is a picture to give you some perspective. 

Perhaps the iPod is a more current way to show you the size?

Now,  the moment you have all been waiting for. . .

What do you get when you crack open an extra-extra large egg?