My Story

Where does one begin when telling THE story. Do you start from the beginning or do you just pick up where it gets interesting. . . I would assume that a little background info would be helpful. . .

I am the second middle child of four. . .talk about identity issues! I don't even have the middle child thing to claim for myself. From a young age I knew three things. . .I wanted to have a husband (check). I wanted to have kids (check and check). I wanted to be a nurse (check).

There are many things I didn't know that I wanted, but which have shaped me into who I am (and I would not change). . .

Living in CA for 11 years. It was there that I got to know my husband better. . .where he grew up. . .the foods he loved. . .He makes more sense to me now that I know about Del Taco and In-N-Out. . .oh and The Hat. . .how I miss The Hat! I will be forever grateful to have come to know and love his wonderful mother.  I am so glad I can tell my kids about her and, best of all, was able to stand in her kitchen and learn to make the yummy family favorite dishes to carry on her memory. . . bierox, Hungarian pancakes, monster cookies (lost my favorite spoon to that recipe), sopapillas, rolls. . .we shared a love for carbs and tomato sandwiches. . . I left so many wonderful friends from NICU and from our church. We became grown ups together. . .We went to weddings. We had our babies. We ate lots of salsa. . .

Our journey to KY. A long time in the making and we are FINALLY home! I have a feeling that our fun is just getting started. You see, I married a boy from Southern California. . . Little did I know that my nickname for him would be prophetic. That one day I would be calling him, "Farmboy" for real. This blog is about our adventure together.

Along the way, I have discovered that I LOVE to cook. . .I sometimes wake up and can not go back to sleep because I get excited about dinner. . .I am a dork. . .I also love to be creative. Hmmm. . .I crochet, quilt, make stained glass, scrapbook, sew. . .I am a nerd. I love to grow vegetables. . .which will come in handy considering we just bought a 125 acre farm.

That is my story so far! Thank you for joining me as I start making my way in my new home.

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