Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Be Continued. . .

Normally every Wednesday I have been posting some sort of craft project. . .

This is where I have been making my creations. As you can plainly see it is just a wee bit empty!

The big move is officially just three days away and I sacrificially eagerly packed up all of my crafting supplies and help Farmboy to load them on the trailer last night. They are now sitting in the shop at the farm awaiting our arrival this weekend!

So, for a little while my crafting will have to be placed on hold, but I will be posting pictures of my progress in creating THE room!

Feel free to check out my Pinterest board for some of the ideas I have been collecting!

See you soon from Even Meadow Farm!!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Yo, Bro!

Up next on the Birthday list is my big brother. He is a Cali boy, too, but is taking a hiatus is WV with his wife and two boys. It has been fun being able to see them more. I truly never thought that I would have all of my siblings within driving distance at the same time!

Ha! I am sitting here writing this post at 4am, looking at a picture of the finished card and just realized that I made him one year older than he is! True, he is pushing 40, but he still has three years to go, not two! It looks like I will be busting out the stamps tomorrow and fixing the card.

Note: This is the updated card. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself in front of everyone and display my airheadedness
(Is that a word? It should be)! People might make fun of me.

Note on the Note: Stop laughing at me.

Happy Birthday, Old Man!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine. . .

Today I gave Farmboy the best Valentine's Day gift I could think of. . .

I put the kids in the car and we drove away!

Three evenings of peace and quiet just for him.

And a card. . .

Happy Valentine's Day, Love! We will see you in three days!

Friday, February 10, 2012

"To Be A Kitty" By Buttercup

Oh, to be a kitty
Napping on a snowy winter day.

Oh, to be a kitty
Napping my life away.

Oh, to be a kitty
Napping with abandon.

Oh, to be a kitty
Alas! For I am not one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Place your bets!

These cards make me happy!
I had made them to go with this layout and took my pictures and forgot to add them
 to the blog post. I really love the cheerful colors, especially in the midst of winter. . .

I must digress, though, down a bunny trail. . .

This winter has been muy, muy disappointing. I have a hankerin' for a good snow! With my luck, however, it will be deposited on the ground the weekend we move. . .
Let's just see if I jinxed myself, shall we?

I just came up with a delightful idea! Leave a comment below as to if you think "The Big Move" will get snowed out. I will randomly select someone who guesses right and send the winner a set of cards (or a card kit to make their own)!

Ready to place your bets?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am throwing in the towel. . .

The paper towel that is. . .Farmboy loves paper towels. He NEEDS them in the house. I understand his need. I really do. . .for things like grease stained hands and cat wretch (sorry, but I just had to deal with some of that nastiness), but every time one of the kids goes and grabs one to wipe up a spill or dry their hands it makes me fret and go all Depression Era Granny and see money being tossed into the garbage. . .next it might trigger me into saving tin foil and rinsing out plastic baggies. . .
perhaps even start saving plastic containers from the grocery store. . .
oh, wait, I think I already do two out of the three. . .

You see! I need to stage an intervention! I found this idea on Pinterest and I am gonna take the plunge!

I bought two packages of these towels from Wally World.

I love theses towels! I already use them for drying dishes. They are amazing!

I folded them into fourths.

They are slightly bigger than a standard paper towel, but I figured with washing and shrinkage  they would be about perfect.

I cut along the folds.

So here you have one stack of twenty.

I folded them in half and then into an accordion third so that I can pull one off the stack and have it unfold for use.

So, I ended up with 40 "paper" towels for about 11 bucks.

I am going to keep some by the sink and some on the table to be used as everyday napkins. They can easily be tossed into my whites load in the wash, so I don't think it will even create a noticeable difference in my laundry duties.

I didn't fool with serging or hemming them at this point. We will just see how they hold up for now.

I'll keep you posted on how they work out!

PS. I am still keeping a roll of towels under the sink for Farmboy's hands
     and. . ummm. . .other "stuff."

Friday, February 3, 2012

Giving it a go. . .

Since the general societal consensus seems to be that:

Ye shall not live by white bread alone.

I decided to give some whole wheat bread a try. Due to some of my epic fails in the past (i.e. my family wouldn't touch it . . . not good for the ol' ego) I decided to start slow and light.

I used my Buttery White Bread recipe,  but substituted white whole wheat flour for the AP flour.

I didn't take the usual step by step photos, because it was exactly the same (see them here).

The result is a light 50/50 whole wheat bread. I am very please with the results!

I'll make the kids eat it for lunch and we will get a final verdict. I think there will be no complaints.

I promised Farmboy that I would not totally ditch the original, but this is a pleasant change!

Oh, and 22 days until the big move. . . eeeeeekkk!!!!

Verdict: They ate it really well. The only comment was that the crust was "harder."
             I think that just comes with wheat bread in general, but perhaps it will 
             soften some in the bread bag. . .

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Grateful Kittens. . .

When we went on our trip to SoCal a few weeks ago our neighbors made sure our kitties were fed.

It was a very neighborly thing for them to do.

I made them some cookies and this little card as a, "thank you!"

Signed by the boys of course!

So. . .who wants to watch the kitties next time?