Friday, March 29, 2013

Table Scraps. . .

So. . . .

I was cleaning up my table in my craft room last night (gasp!)
and I came across several bits and pieces from recent projects.

 I decided to try and come up with some quick cards rather than do what I usually do and put all of the pieces into a drawer or bag and promptly forget they ever existed!

This is the first card I made with leftover piece of cardstock (I didn't even cut it),  the center from a bracket frame cut on my Cricut, and leftover flower and leaves from another card.

I added the sparkle (Z1754), bakers twine (Z1702) and letters (Z1779).

Love it!

The next card I used another little piece of cardstock, with a leftover flower stamped from  Just For You (B1398) that I didn't end up using on another card, the center jewel was left over from my daughter's BD card.

I added silver shimmer trim (Z1799), ribbon and a stamped sentiment.

Love it! Love it!

Hopefully this will inspire some of you to. . .

1.Clean up your space!!!!

2.And use up those table scraps!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Card

Here is a card I made just in time for Easter. 

Even though it was snowing today I am holding out for Spring to show it's face. . .

Working with these colors brought Spring to my craft room at least!

Supplies List:
B1398   : Just For You Stamp Set
Z2106   : Blush Stamp Pad
Z2173   : Slate Stamp Pad
Z2197   : Pear Stamp Pad
X7163B: Chantilly Paper Pack
X5936   : Juniper Card Stock
Z1814   : Chantilly Assortment
Z1326   : Pink Sparkles
Z1096   : Neutral Embroidery Floss
Z1776   : Pixie Glitter Alphabet
Z1799  : Silver Shimmer Trim

Get your supplies today! Visit my website,, to get started!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Layered Flower Birthday Card. . .

It is my daughter's birthday next weekend and I actually remembered to make her a card!

I have no idea why, but I don't think that I have ever made her one. . .
what is that old saying about the cobbler's kids and their lack of shoes?

I made this card using inspiration from page 42 of our new Make It From Your Heart Vol.1.

I cut this flower from Cotton Candy card stock. .
2 - 3 inch
2 -2.75 inch
2 - 2.5 inch
2 - 2.25 inch
2 - 2 inch

I inked them with Cotton Candy Ink, curled the edges with our quilling tool, and glued them together, shifting the petals each time.

I finished it off with a bling button and one of our new Pink Glitter Jems.

I then attached it to my card base that I used:
White Daisy card (5x7)
Whisper card stock (4.75x6.75)
 the pink is from the Chantilly Paper Pack (2x4.75)
 and finally our slate ribbon (looove that ribbon!).

I stamped the sentiment with Slate ink using our Card Chatter - Birthday stamp set.

Hope she likes it!!!

Here are a list of the supplies I used:
Make It From Your Heart 9035
Cricut Art Philosophy Collection Z1686
Chantilly paper pack X7163B
Whisper card stock X5933 (combo pack)
Slate ink Z2173
Cotton Candy ink Z2193
Slate Satin Ribbon Z1802
Pink Glitter Jems Z1807
Black button Assortment Z1821
Quilling Tool Z1795
Card Chatter - Birthday stamp set D1475

Head on over to my website to get your supplies today!

That time of year. . .

Well, folks, it's that time of year again!

I can hardly believe that we are starting of second year on the farm and it is already chick time at Even Meadow!

We went and picked up our new peeps yesterday after our library trip into town.

We went with five more Golden Comets, which will bring our total up to 12.

We still have one Rhode Island Red, but we decided to try out a new breed this year. We now have a total of 18 chickens. Eight "older" ladies and ten new babies.

Introducing one of five Australorps. When these girls grow up they will be all black, beaks, feet and all, with red combs. . . I think we have a black and gold thing going around here!!!

Black dog and Golden retriever, Australorp and Golden Comet, black cat and. . . yikes!!!
We need a yellow cat asap!

I think these little gals look like penguins. . .I shall call them, Happy Feet!

And just to prove that it is not all sunshine and daisies around here
(even though we do have a dog named Daisy). . .

Try not to be jealous of the chick poo on my hand. . .

So, for now, I will leave you one last picture of our huddled masses and a glorious,

"Helloooooo, Spring!!!"