Friday, February 3, 2012

Giving it a go. . .

Since the general societal consensus seems to be that:

Ye shall not live by white bread alone.

I decided to give some whole wheat bread a try. Due to some of my epic fails in the past (i.e. my family wouldn't touch it . . . not good for the ol' ego) I decided to start slow and light.

I used my Buttery White Bread recipe,  but substituted white whole wheat flour for the AP flour.

I didn't take the usual step by step photos, because it was exactly the same (see them here).

The result is a light 50/50 whole wheat bread. I am very please with the results!

I'll make the kids eat it for lunch and we will get a final verdict. I think there will be no complaints.

I promised Farmboy that I would not totally ditch the original, but this is a pleasant change!

Oh, and 22 days until the big move. . . eeeeeekkk!!!!

Verdict: They ate it really well. The only comment was that the crust was "harder."
             I think that just comes with wheat bread in general, but perhaps it will 
             soften some in the bread bag. . .

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