Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Place your bets!

These cards make me happy!
I had made them to go with this layout and took my pictures and forgot to add them
 to the blog post. I really love the cheerful colors, especially in the midst of winter. . .

I must digress, though, down a bunny trail. . .

This winter has been muy, muy disappointing. I have a hankerin' for a good snow! With my luck, however, it will be deposited on the ground the weekend we move. . .
Let's just see if I jinxed myself, shall we?

I just came up with a delightful idea! Leave a comment below as to if you think "The Big Move" will get snowed out. I will randomly select someone who guesses right and send the winner a set of cards (or a card kit to make their own)!

Ready to place your bets?


  1. Ok, so, I had this post all ready to go for this morning and we woke up to SNOW! Ha! Contest is still on, though :)!

  2. I'm going to go with a no snow, but super cold!! I bet it snows the day after....God knows you've been waiting patiently long enough!!!

  3. Karen Graves says--> NO SNOW!!!