Friday, April 13, 2012

Meet Our New Peeps. . .

After reading and studying and talking and planning we got in the Jeep yesterday, drove to the feed store and became farmers.

We welcomed 12 little peeps into our ever expanding family!

There are 10 Golden Comets and 2 Rhode Island Reds
(they are the two darker chicks on either side of the feeder).

Hello, girls!

When Golden Comets hatch the males are white and the females are yellow, so we know for sure that we brought home ten girls.

Eat up ladies! You gotta get big and fat and start layin' mamma some eggs!
If you do the math we will most likely end up with about a dozen eggs a day. . .
I imagine I will start being called the"egg lady" as I peddle my eggs around town.

So, what do you do for now with 12 chicks?


You stare at them. . . a lot. . .

And you keep them warm, and fed and watered. . .and away from the cats. . .


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    1. You'll have to come visit sometime! Just imagine the adventures you could have :)