Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Due Date!

Once again, no baby involved! I just like messin' with ya!

Farmboy came home from work the other day and waited a whole HOUR to casually grab a calendar and plunk his finger down on February 25. Our due date. The day when all of our planning and waiting will come to fruition and we will hit the ground running! 
We will be moving in!!!!

Since spring is fast approaching we will have to get in gear for our first spring/summer on the farm. We will be focusing this year on our garden, 

a batch of chickens for eggs and eatin', 

Golden Comet

and last but not least (after 14 years of wanting) I will be getting a puppy!!!!

Golden Retriever Puppy in Bucket (Canis Familiaris) Illinois, USA

And I shall name her Daisy.

One Excited Mamma


  1. OHHHH!!! I want to come join you soooo much!!! I just LOVE your house and the garden and the chickens and the puppy!!!! I'll just bring my dog too!!! I'm SO HAPPY for you and the family!!! can't wait to come visit!!!!

    1. Looking forward to it. . .especially if that means I get to see your little girl! Yeah!

  2. Packing my bags. :) Mullins clan is visiting. Okay, we'll wait 'til your settled. I'm really happy for you and Wayne.

    1. The WELCOME mat is always out! We will have a list of chores ready. . .

  3. So exciting! Your house is my dream house! And I've always imagined Kentucky as a wonderful place to live. I can't wait for your farm experiences to begin! Yay!