Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday's galore. . .

Tis the season for birthdays in my extended family. It started in December and will continue marching right on through the spring. My goal is to create a card for each family member and then post it during the week of their birthday.

December Birthdays

The first card was for my baby brother and you can see that here.

Next came my sister-in-law for whom I made the Aloha Card set seen here.

Now for my sweet neice Anna, who didn't get hers on her birthday. . oopsie! The thing you have to know about Anna is that she looooooves ponies, so for her card I found this stamp set in my bin and then hit the scrap stash for the paper and ribbon. I loooooooove this card!!!

And I looooove my niece! Happy Birthday, Anna Banana!

January Birthday

This card is for my big little sister. She is my big sister. . .but she is very little. . .hehehe!
I went for a bit of an Asian feel with this card, because she might as well be Asian. . just sayin'.
I love the colors of this card. . .especially the soft blue. . .like her eyes. . .again, just sayin'.

She is sweet and she is perty! She is my sister and my best friend. Love you, Jenn!

On to February. The end.

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