Friday, March 30, 2012

My son's favorite color. . .

Orange. Orange. Orange. Everything orange. Orange shirts, orange sippy cups, orange crayons, orange paper, orange juice, oranges. My son loves anything orange.

You may wonder why this fact is important?

I'll give you one little clue. . .

Farm Boy bought a tractor this week.

Andrew insists that his daddy bought HIM a tractor. . .

And why not? It is orange after all. . .

The following photo series is my boy living his dream.

It is quite possibly the best photo series EVER!!!!

 Oh, the joy!!!! 
Wouldn't you want to be Andrew right then?

So glad I was able to capture that moment!

While the boys were mowing MJ and I amused ourselves.
Me with my camera walking around the barn.

Morgan with her net intent on capturing a frog.

Still mowing. . .

Still searching. . .

My boy has ninja moves.

Has anyone ever known a cat that allows you to bury it in sand?

Dipstick is just plain weird!

MJ finally taking her ride. She had a much more subdued reaction.

But I think she liked it!

The evening ended with me and the kids sitting down to dinner and Farm Boy still mowing. He had a lot of catching up to do since spring had come so early this year and we lacked any way to mow the grass. 

Mow on Farm Boy. . .Mow on. . .

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