Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo editing. . .

Here is the picture of my daughter's delight with just a basic fix of sharpening and black and white. I edited it quickly so I could get it up on the blog. In retrospect I thought it needed more work. . .

I am still fairly new at the photo editing game. Farm Boy has a natural ability to make the adjustments on the camera and then with the editing software. I am slowly (ever so slowly) learning . . .

I have gotten to a point recently where I can get the camera to do what I want it do do without much hassle, and am now trying to focus more on fine tuning on the editing side. We are currently using Picasa for this task. It is free and it is simple. Someday I wouldn't mind trying my hand at the PhotoShop Elements, but that is not in the budget right now seeing as how Farm Boy just bought a tractor. . .

Anyway, here is my second attempt at this picture of my girl. If any of my photo savvy friends has any advice, please, feel free to comment! I am always up for some constructive ideas!!!


  1. You are one up on me. I still use an old Nikon View for photo editing. My friend use to use Picassa a primarily uses Light room. She says it is simple and easier to use than Photoshop

  2. I use Light Room now. There are so many settings you can add to it and adjust. Then you can also save the settings as a template and apply them to other pictures. One of the biggest problems I have though is that my monitor can make the picture look great to me - and then it looks different on another one.

    Something I have been wanting to tell you about your do awesome with composition! I love the way your subjects are presented. It helps that the kids are so cute too!

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  4. Picasa looks like it has some good tools. I hit Auto Contrast, and then bumped up the Shadows slider a bit. Here are the results:

    1. Thanks, Jeff! I like it! It is amazing how different a picture can look each time you edit it. . . one could spend hours just on one picture!!!