Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Goes on Behind the Scenes. . .

The following two pictures are behind the scenes photos as taken by my four year old.

It seems like if I ever try to get some crafting in then I end up with little munchkins wanting to join in the fun . . . usually slowing the process down dramatically!

I was trying to finish up a birthday card and he picked up my camera and started snapping away. 

Most of the pictures are out of focus, but here are a couple that stood out. 

I love looking at pictures that my kids take. 
They are on a totally different level. . .and I am talking about altitude not aptitude!

I love the perspective of the above picture. 
When was the last time you were eye level with the edge of a table?

 The action shot he captured below is pretty cool. . . kinda interesting to see yourself at work.

I then removed the expensive equipment from his sticky paws and turned the lens on him.

As much as it interferes with my productivity I love being interrupted by this guy!

We do have to share the space after all. . .

and he needs his hair trimmed. . .

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