Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am throwing in the towel. . .

The paper towel that is. . .Farmboy loves paper towels. He NEEDS them in the house. I understand his need. I really do. . .for things like grease stained hands and cat wretch (sorry, but I just had to deal with some of that nastiness), but every time one of the kids goes and grabs one to wipe up a spill or dry their hands it makes me fret and go all Depression Era Granny and see money being tossed into the garbage. . .next it might trigger me into saving tin foil and rinsing out plastic baggies. . .
perhaps even start saving plastic containers from the grocery store. . .
oh, wait, I think I already do two out of the three. . .

You see! I need to stage an intervention! I found this idea on Pinterest and I am gonna take the plunge!

I bought two packages of these towels from Wally World.

I love theses towels! I already use them for drying dishes. They are amazing!

I folded them into fourths.

They are slightly bigger than a standard paper towel, but I figured with washing and shrinkage  they would be about perfect.

I cut along the folds.

So here you have one stack of twenty.

I folded them in half and then into an accordion third so that I can pull one off the stack and have it unfold for use.

So, I ended up with 40 "paper" towels for about 11 bucks.

I am going to keep some by the sink and some on the table to be used as everyday napkins. They can easily be tossed into my whites load in the wash, so I don't think it will even create a noticeable difference in my laundry duties.

I didn't fool with serging or hemming them at this point. We will just see how they hold up for now.

I'll keep you posted on how they work out!

PS. I am still keeping a roll of towels under the sink for Farmboy's hands
     and. . ummm. . .other "stuff."


  1. About a week ago I started trying to eliminate the paper towels too. I took an old, worn out bath towel and cut it up into squares (it was very thin). So far, they work great. No big difference in the wash either, since we use cloth napkins also.

  2. Man, we go through paper towels like water. I need to try this!
    Thank you for linking up to the first "Cowgirl Up!" Linky Party!

  3. I stitched up a pile of cloth napkins a few years ago, and I just love them (and no, you won't really notice them in the wash, and they are pretty hanging on the clothesline!) My husband also insists we have paper towels on the counter, but I just don't use them...unless I make bacon. Then, I use one. I fold a few sheets of newspaper and put those on a plate, the add one paper towel on top as a barrier between the bacon and the funny papers. For everything else I use my kitchen towels with chickens or apples or whatever else on them, and then just wash them and use them again and again. Personally, I think the prints (on both the kitchen towels and the napkins) keep them looking nicer a little longer too.

    Good luck with your experiment! Oh...and they say you should let your dishes air dry - it's more sanitary than towel drying them. :)

    -Laura at TenThingsFarm

  4. I love this idea!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

    p.s. I'm a new linky follower

  5. That is a good idea. I do understand the need for paper towels for the things you mentioned-also a good idea to hide a roll. My kids can't just rip one off, they rip off like 5 LOL