Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homecoming . . .

This is the door to our home.

 This door opens to the walls that contain my family.

My hope and prayer is that this home will come alive with new experiences, much laughter and will be a place where love abounds.

Farm Boy and I are overwhelmed at times with the opportunity that we have been given to live here and grow here and to be stewards of this piece of earth.

It was 7 years to the very week that I set my heart towards this state.
We never expected that our season of waiting would be so long, but we could not have imagined a more perfect place to bring our family.

So, as spring begins to push forth from the ground at Even Meadow Farm.  . .

The daffodils start to bloom. . .

and new life emerges from sleepy winter,

so we start  preparing for our adventure!

Our first task after emptying out the rental we had been living in was to introduce our adopted boys to the country life.

The evening didn't go quite like we had planned and we ended up with them in my Jeep and out to the farm in the dark. With fingers crossed we released them into the barn with food and water and hoped that they would be there in the morning.

They were, and I am happy to report that they are adjusting to their new life just fine!

 I even saw this fine fellow eating a furry snack on the driveway this morning!

What good little farm kitties they are turning out to be! 

So, we are putting on our boots and hollerin', "Let the fun begin!!!"

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  1. Beautiful home. Happy all you cowboys and cowgirls. God bless your new home with His Peace and Security.
    Nice pics there girl. Give our best to Farm boy and the kids.