Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Card Ideas

I would like to announce that the Williams family will not be sending out Christmas cards this year.

Please, don't judge me. . .

It's not nice to judge.

The Crafty Lady of the house made an executive decision and decided that the stamp money would better spent on "we have finally moved" cards to be sent out sometime in February.

In the meantime I couldn't resist busting out some Christmas stamps from my stash and whipping up a few cards to use some other time. . .

For the first card I used a corner rounder with the guard removed to make the ruffles
and colored in the snowman with watercolor pencils.

For the second card I broke out the embossing powder and my heat gun.

I love embossing!!! To quote my daughter, "It's like magic!!!"

It makes this simple card really special. . .

PS. I mooched this idea from a co-worker who brought in a stack of her cards for me to look at. Thanks, Lynna!

Here is a closer look at the clear embossing.

Hope you enjoy! Have wonderful Christmas!!!

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