Thursday, December 1, 2011

Old School Christmas: Part 2

Now that our ornaments are good and dry. . .we baked them for 6 hours and then let them sit overnight. . . 
It is time to paint!!!

Guess what color AW picked first. . . Orange. . .surprise, surprise!

She had been asking me every 10 minutes all morning when she could start painting. Mean mother that I am, I made her get all of her schoolwork done first. Great incentive, right?

Almost done!

I love seeing my kids create.


During her school breaks this morning she made paper snowflakes. . . a good start!

Then they set up the Little People nativity under the tree. . .
To quote a friend. . .I "super puffy heart" Little People!!!

So while the paint dried we made a trip the the library then had dinner
 (pancakes, eggs and bacon. . .el-yummo)

Now it was FINALLY time to hang the decorations!

Morgan's self-portrait.

One of our favorites!

Little Buddy was very focused !

And there is our tree so far!

Up next. . .


  1. Hey girl...awesome coverage of the event! We are totally making snowflakes today too! And, we were going to do ornaments, popcorn, and was contemplating cranberries...Love oldschool!

  2. We are copycating you today! LOVE this idea. Miss you bunches. We super puffy heart you all. :)