Friday, December 9, 2011

I Am Ashamed. . .




      As I stand on the cusp of living the life I have prayed for for the past 7 years, I am frustrated by my humanity. I have so much. . .so much more than I could have ever dreamed, yet each day I am able to find something to complain about. . .some disappointment to dwell on.

      Perhaps it is because I am still in transition, but I am beginning to wonder if this whining has become a habit for me. I have really been feeling convicted about my attitude. . .it seems that this time of year smacks me in the face with it. . .stuff, stuff and more stuff. . .the quest for more, bigger, better that we American's are known for. . .Santa first on my kid's minds. . . The Nativity an afterthought. . .OUCH!

      A friend had posted on facebook about a Jesse Tree and as I was looking into doing this for my own family I stumbled onto a website and in a late night web surfing impulse immediately bought the e-book and started reading. . .it is simple, but heavy stuff. . . Thankfulness. . .Living life fully because you are aware each moment of the gifts God has given you. . .true thankfulness. . .for the little things.

She started writing a list of 1000 gifts and it changed her perspective and her life. I am only on chapter 4, but I am already excited at how God is going to use this to change my heart.

 My One Thousand Gifts

1. My son's eyes.
2. My daughter's gap toothed smile.
3. Sunlight shadows on my houseplant.
4. The dark and rich smell of coffee.
5. Kittens wrestling.
6. . .

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  1. I suffer the same ailment...changing ingratitude to being in gratitude! :D