Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secret Santa. . .

We drew names at work for a gift exchange and (lucky me) I drew a name that 
I could actually come up with a creative idea for!!!

You see, she has just started remodeling her ENTIRE house. 

The sign up sheet for her prayer list (i.e. sanity) will be circulating soon.

The other thing you should know about her is that she is OBSESSED with the 80's. . .I personally think it is because she didn't have to truly experience that time period. . .
I am pretty sure she was  still in diapers.

Anyway, since I have a hunch that her husband will not let her decorate her house 80's style I decided to inspire her to embrace her wild side and go all out for the one room that is truly and completely is hers alone. . .

Merry Christmas, from Santa!

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