Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Edition of Crafty Wednesday. . .

Today is the day that the Old School Christmas Tree shall be deemed completed!

I armed myself with some supplies and set out to make an angel tree topper.

First, I impaled a foam ball on a pencil and painted  the front of it. 

Next, I folded a square of felt in half and cut out a dress shape.


Then, I attempted to glue it together with Elmer's (it was the only glue I had with me). . .it didn't work. I resorted to sewing it up the back with good ol' needle and thread.

I bent pipe cleaners into wing shapes.

Glued on some feathers.

Covered the tips with additional feathers.

And repeated. . .

Putting the wings on didn't go as I had hoped. . . it involved sticky fingers, a few sneezes, more needle and thread. . .trying not to use bad words in front of the kids and then remaking one of the wings. . .it wasn't pretty. . .or very "Martha-ish". . .I opted to not take pictures of the event. . .you are on your own earning your own wings. . .

I then finished up the head by gluing on yarn hair, drawing on the face and then I shoved on a halo. . .

It was strangely therapeutic after the "wing incident". . .

On with her head!!!

I used the toilet paper roll to give the inside some stability on the tree. I just kinda stuck it in there.



PS. My amazingly creative 7yo took my leftover supplies and made a bunch of birdies. . .cute!

The End.

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