Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Daughter is a Jack-O-Lantern. . .

My daughter was sitting next to me on the couch yesterday afternoon. . . 

Yes, we were still in our pajamas. I had been averaging 4.75 hours of sleep for the past five days.

And, yes, in my sleep deprived stupor I decided it would be fun to do the math. 

Due to my distinctive lack of vigor, she and I decided to take a vacation from school this week. 
I had slept off a night shift in the morning. . .once again getting 4.75 hours of interrupted  sleep 
(notice there was no "un" in the front of that word. . .that "un" would have been nice. . . real nice). 
We were being cozy and  we were looking at Pinterest. 

Pinterest is good. Pinterest is great. I am an addict.

 The first step is acknowledging you have a problem. 

I have a problem.

Well, anyway, we were looking at Pinterest and my daughter was multitasking with one of her favorite pastimes. . .wiggling her tooth. All of a sudden I hear, "Oh, oh, oh!!!

I have often looked at other peoples elementary aged children and their mouths full of mismatched teeth and spaces and thought how weird it would be to have one of those.

I have one of those, and she is great. I love her more each day. 

Even though she is a Jack-O-Lantern.

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