Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ode to the Apple. . .

This is an apple. This is my FAVORITE apple. This is the apple that I am OBSESSED with. This is the apple that I do a happy dance when I see it in the stores in late September. This is the apple that I buy 10 at a time. This is the apple that I hoard in my crisper drawer. 

This is an Ambrosia apple. . .


 [am-broh-zhuh]  Show IPA
Classical Mythology. the food of the gods. Compare nectar(def. 3).
something especially delicious to taste or smell.

It is sweet & tart. Crisp & juicy. NEVER mealy! And best of all doesn't brown easily after cutting. 

(Andrew left a bowl of slices on the counter and they were still white by the end of the day. . .
Apple Waster. SACRILEGE!!! He needs a whoopin')

As far as this girl is concerned, this apple really is the food of the gods. . . Perhaps if one were to dig deeper into my obsession one would note that I had the first bite of one of these beauties when I was pregnant with my daughter. . .that might explain a lot. I ate at least one a day throughout my pregnancy. Each year I look forward to seeing them in the stores (they are only available seasonally) and wipe a stray tear from my eyes in about March when they are gone. . .

(Side note: my daughter has eaten some form of apple almost every day of her 7 years)

Due to that first chance meeting in the Stater Brothers produce section I have cut up more than a few apples in those eight years. I would now like to share my technique. 

WARNING! This just might be life changing for some of you.

Step 1. Take an apple and a knife. . .no fancy-shmancy gadgets here.

Step 2. Cut along the core.

Step 3. Rotate the apple and cut along the core.

Step 4. Repeat.

Step 5. Repeat

Step 6. Slice. 

You might ask how this is life changing? This process takes about 30 seconds. To a mom of small kids. . .the quicker you can go from a whole apple to a sliced apple. . .the quicker you can go from this. . .

To this. . .

And this. . .

The better your life will be.

The End.

PS. If you want to learn more about the story of these apples. . .

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